Summer house for rent for academic scholars.



KKFF offers short term and long-term rents of its properties located in northern Denmark in an attractive coastal landscape, close to the North Sea beaches.  The Kaj Kjær Flora & Fauna foundation’s primary aim is to safeguard and promote nature areas free from human intervention. The foundation acquires land areas and participates in rewilding projects in order to fulfil this aim. The foundation supports research and educational activities within nature and nature management. The foundation’s estates comprise a number of typical Danish summer houses and old farm houses. They are located in the landscapes of Northern Denmark in Jammerbugt Municipality, in an area dominated by dunes, meadows, agricultural fields and forests. The foundation rents out some of these properties to academic scholars, preferably within the academic areas covered by the foundation. At the moment two properties are for rent. A summerhouse located in the dunes, a few hundred meters from the coast, and an old farm house located 2 km from the coast. The summerhouse is rented out primarily on a week by week basis, while the farm house is meant for longer stays of at least two weeks. Eligible applicants comprise academic scholars in fields such as ecology, nature management, geography, biology, but also relevant social scientists are encouraged to apply. Applicants should forward a brief motivated application and academic CV to the secretariat of the foundation. Practicalities  Submit your application along with a request of dates for your intended stay to the Head of Secretariat Marianne Fisker