First Report from a Visitor


    It really leaves me a deep impression on this test visit. I get to know more about KKFF’s ideas and prospects. We can say that there is a lot to be done---to make a deal with the local farmers and governments; to buy more properties such as the houses, lands, and roads; to develop more possibilities about the water…… But on the other hand, we can also say that there is not much to do --- we should not exploit this region like other money-driven developers, we must keep it natural,keep its original look, and just let it be to see what will happen in the future.

   As for my idea about this project, I would like to summarize it into one word---“coexist”. This kind of “coexist” relationship is not only between human and animals, but also different animal species, different plant species, and even different groups of people. What inspired me about this idea was when we were walking through the central place of “Moon surface”, we can see the deer running on the grassland, different colors of plants, and even different kinds of shit produced by various animals. All these things made me excited about the infinite possibilities of this project. Maybe in the near future, we can see the deer drinking water along the river which is introduced by us, while kids are running happily on the land, surrounded by beautiful flowers. What a wonderful thing! 

Here I listed four aspects about the key word “coexist”:

1. Coexist---human and animals. I think we can have the concept of combining an ecological laboratory with a natural park, that is to say, an ecological laboratory for animals and a natural park for human, they can coexist together. For example, about the water that we want to do something with, I think we can design more possibilities to be able to attract both more animals and more human. For instance, when the water passes the forest, construct some standing and relaxing space for people that they can have a seat to enjoy the scenery or a shelter from the rain. But when the water passes the grassland, try to keep it natural to attract more animals no matter it is a deer or a bird. Also, to make the water works, we can think about introducing "Mulberry-Fish Pond" system in China (ecological, economic, and society benefits system) to some of the project area.

2. Coexist--- different animal species. Actually, at present this region has already attracted various kinds of animals, birds from the western coast, deers, foxes and many others that I cannot even call out their names. But I think that is far more enough. I am sure it has potential to attract and accommodate more animals. This may require our further action --- to build this region into a real ecological laboratory.

3. Coexist--- different plant species. Now there are too many invasive plants that are too tough, we need more varieties to create a natural park that are full of different trees and flowers. Also I believe this will contribute to more animal species.

4. Coexist--- different groups of people. The targeted population of this region should not be restricted to certain group of people, it is supposed to satisfy the needs of different ages. One immature idea is that in the future when KKFF own more houses, maybe we can design different themes of each building and decorate them with corresponding designs, organize activities according to the themes of the house. This may attract different groups of people, so that more people will know about KKFF and what we are doing.

What’s more, about the headquarters where we live, some more things can be added, such as the projectors in the living room, more single beds and related things, trash bins in every room, and more bicycles.

Last but not the least, I think it is necessary to remind people who will visit in the near future to take some basic things such as the sportswear and boots, vacuum cups or anything that contributes a satisfying excursion.